AVLTL Featured Tools: Carpet Cleaner

The Asheville Tool Library now has a carpet cleaner available for members to use!

Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner now available

Asheville Tool Library members can now borrow this Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner for a whole week! Finally – no need to deal with 24 hour carpet cleaner rentals! As always, members pay no charge for borrowing tools from the Asheville Tool Library, but we kindly ask that you return the carpet cleaner as clean as possible – ready for the next library member to borrow.

Asheville Carpet Cleaner Rental - Bissell Big Green
Asheville Tool Library Members can now borrow this Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner!

If you’re not already an Asheville Tool Library member, to become a member for a year, you can easily sign up with a donation of between $50 – $150 which allows you to borrow any of our tools for a week at a time. Your membership lasts for 365 days.

  •  Check out our Tool Inventory for a list of all the other tools we have available!
  • Ready to pick up this tool? Swing by our new location at 55 Southside Ave. in downtown Asheville during our hours of operation.
  • Note: The Tool Library does not provide the Cleaning Formula for this carpet cleaner. You must purchase that separately (unless another library member has donated a bunch to the library).
AVLTL Featured Tools: Carpet Cleaner