COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update The Asheville Tool Library is reopening! We will open on Saturday May 9th, once the Stay Home Stay Safe order has been lifted.   A few important things: Reservations only! All tools will be made reservable (you can login here). Reservations are never guaranteed as some items are not always returned on time […]

Free Tool Sharpening Event

AVLTL Tool Sharpening Event

The Asheville Tool Library is having a Free Tool Sharpening Event Saturday, Sept 1 from 11am-3pm. There will be AVLTL volunteers on site to sharpen your dull tools. The Free Tool Sharpening Event is open to everyone. Held downtown at the Asheville Tool Library, 55 Southside Ave.

AVLTL Grand Re-Opening & Fundraiser on Aug 4th, 2018!

Join Asheville Tool Library

AVLTL is having our Asheville Tool Library Grand Re-Opening & Fundraiser Aug 4, 2018 at our new space at 55 Southside Ave – only a few minutes from our former location on Church St! Please note we are closed until August 4.

After years of steady growth, the Asheville Tool Library is moving to a larger location

Asheville Tool Library's New Home at 57 Southside Dr

“When Jay Miller moved into his current home in Asheville, he hit major snags. A renter all his life, he didn’t own any tools. His new house needed extensive repairs and he didn’t have the money to purchase expensive equipment just to use it once. Miller’s neighbor, Kara Sweeney, told him about a new project she and her friends were launching: a library of tools and equipment for members to check out and borrow as needed.”

Nicholas Letts brought the sharing economy to Asheville with tool library

“Back in 2007 Nicholas Letts was living in Missoula, Mont., working for a small urban demonstration project that had a tool library on-site. “A tool library is exactly how you imagine a book library, but for tools,” explains Letts, who recognized how much value the Missoula library held for its community and vowed to bring the idea back to Asheville.”

Sustainability: Check Out Asheville Tool Library

Asheville Tool Library - Tools to Borrow

“Suppose you’re building a shed in your backyard. You have the space, the raw materials, and a general idea of how to do it yourself. It isn’t long, however, before you realize you’re missing something very important: the right tools. You could either ask a friend if you could borrow a screwdriver, hammer, saw, and whatever else was needed, or you could buy them….There have to be other options.”

Asheville Tool Library provides low-cost access to equipment

“The price of tools is enough to stall any home project endlessly. And even for people who can afford tools, there are the problems of storage and cost/benefit analysis. After all, does the once-in-a-decade retiling of the bathroom really necessitate the purchase of a tile cutter?”

Tool library aims to build community, sustainability

Ben and Kara, AVLTL founders

“I look at the tool library as an integral part of transitioning to a more sustainable, equitable future where everyone has access to resources, not just those with a lot of money,” core team member Ben Harper explains.