After years of steady growth, the Asheville Tool Library is moving to a larger location

Asheville Tool Library's New Home at 57 Southside Dr

“When Jay Miller moved into his current home in Asheville, he hit major snags. A renter all his life, he didn’t own any tools. His new house needed extensive repairs and he didn’t have the money to purchase expensive equipment just to use it once. Miller’s neighbor, Kara Sweeney, told him about a new project she and her friends were launching: a library of tools and equipment for members to check out and borrow as needed.”

Sustainability: Check Out Asheville Tool Library

Asheville Tool Library - Tools to Borrow

“Suppose you’re building a shed in your backyard. You have the space, the raw materials, and a general idea of how to do it yourself. It isn’t long, however, before you realize you’re missing something very important: the right tools. You could either ask a friend if you could borrow a screwdriver, hammer, saw, and whatever else was needed, or you could buy them….There have to be other options.”