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Acerca de Asheville Tool Library

Nuestra misión es brindar acceso de bajo costo a una amplia gama de herramientas, literatura y conocimiento a los ciudadanos del oeste de Carolina del Norte.


Nuestra visión en Asheville Tool Library es empoderar a las personas y a la comunidad en general a través de recursos que fomentan la sostenibilidad, la rehabilitación, la creatividad, el espíritu empresarial, la habitabilidad y el desarrollo comunitario en todo el oeste de Carolina del Norte. Asheville Tool Library abordará directamente el problema de la desigualdad socioeconómica que existe en el oeste de Carolina del Norte al brindar acceso a herramientas, educación y otros recursos a bajo costo o sin costo a todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad. 

Nuestra historia

Seguimos trabajando duro para servir a nuestra comunidad y crear un ejemplo próspero de la economía colaborativa que esperamos nos sobreviva a todos. A través del trabajo diligente de nuestra Mesa Directiva y voluntarios actuales, Asheville Tool Library se ha convertido en un gran aparte para hacer que nuestra ciudad sea más sustentable e ingeniosa.

2013 - Conceptualización

La biblioteca de herramientas de Asheville fue conceptualizada por Nick Letts, Julian Dominic y Tom Llewellyn. Pasaron los siguientes dos años y medio construyendo el apoyo de la comunidad y el respaldo financiero para comenzar a pasar del concepto a una biblioteca de herramientas de la vida real.

2016 - Gran Apertura

Después de que los tres fundadores originales se mudaron de Asheville, Ben Harper y Kara Sweeney lograron la apertura de nuestra primera ubicación en 133 Church St.

2018 - Putting Down Roots

We established our own non-profit and expanded to a 1100 sq. ft. space. The next several years were spent building up our inventory of over 2000 tools which are available to hundreds of members.

2022 - Growth!

We hired our Library Manager - our first employee - in 2021. After we found out our building was being redeveloped, we found a 2000 sq. ft. space, doubling our footprint and providing room for the maintenance team to grow. We initiated our first major collaboration with the Repair Cafe and will now be hosting their regular tool repair workshops.

Our Staff

Tay Zee is our Library Manager. They are enthusiastic about building & being a part of nutritive mutual aid networks and anything that puts the power into the peoples hands (or paws, fins, hooves, claws or root tendrils). Their background is a meandering of academic and boots on the ground work in the fields of Herbalism, Foraging, Gardening, Construction, Harm Reduction and Relief Work. They also love to partner dance and hopes to start playing some instruments to join in on local jams!

Keenan Phillips, our Board Chair, is an experienced tinkerer, mechanic, and builder, pictured in front of the 5th small home he’s built in the Burnsville, NC area. He is most excited about bringing more education and learning opportunities around building to the amazing community resource that is the Asheville Tool Library.


Stephanie Kane, our Board Treasurer, moved to Asheville from Philadelphia, where they worked in the local food movement in addition to studying and working with herb farms and small-scale medicine makers. She now works in Sourcing for Gaia Herbs. Her time in Asheville is spent in the woods and on the water learning about the region’s biodiversity. A fiber artist, herbalist, medicine maker, and DIY-er at heart, she enjoys expanding her knowledge of tools at the Tool Library and is encouraged by its capacity to expand people’s resourcefulness and skills.