Tools We Could Use

Remember, our tools are heavily used. Therefore, we generally are looking for high quality, contractor-grade tools. We need tools in good working order.

Sustainability: Check Out Asheville Tool Library

Asheville Tool Library - Tools to Borrow

“Suppose you’re building a shed in your backyard. You have the space, the raw materials, and a general idea of how to do it yourself. It isn’t long, however, before you realize you’re missing something very important: the right tools. You could either ask a friend if you could borrow a screwdriver, hammer, saw, and whatever else was needed, or you could buy them….There have to be other options.”

Asheville Tool Library Grand Opening

AVLTL Grand Opening! Join us to celebrate the Asheville Tool Library opening! Asheville Tool Library Grand Opening Event Saturday April 9, 2-6pm 133 Church St   We will have food, beer, and music. It’ll be a party y’all, so come on down, see the space, and meet other people who are doing stuff.

Asheville Tool Library provides low-cost access to equipment

“The price of tools is enough to stall any home project endlessly. And even for people who can afford tools, there are the problems of storage and cost/benefit analysis. After all, does the once-in-a-decade retiling of the bathroom really necessitate the purchase of a tile cutter?”

Tool library aims to build community, sustainability

Ben and Kara, AVLTL founders

“I look at the tool library as an integral part of transitioning to a more sustainable, equitable future where everyone has access to resources, not just those with a lot of money,” core team member Ben Harper explains.

AVLTL Featured Tools: Sound System

AVLTL Featured Tool - Mixer

The Asheville Tool Library offers all sorts of tools for you to check out. Sure, hammers and squares and shovels are tools but we recognize that a tool is just about anything you need to get the job done. And that there’s no reason to buy a tool you only need on occasion. Throwing an […]

AVLTL Featured Tool: Pressure Canner

Rounding out our selection of tools available to borrow is a whole category of Canning, Preserving & Homebrew tools. One of the goals of the Asheville Tool Library is to empower our members with the tools you need to be self sufficient. From garden to table, we have all the tools you need to grow […]

AVLTL Featured Tool: Wheelbarrow

An essential tool for all sorts of purposes, the wheelbarrow will help you work smarter, not harder. Like all our tools, this 4-cubic foot wheelbarrow is available for Asheville Tool Library members to check out for up to seven days. Just imagine how many loads of leaves you could move to the compost pile in […]

AVLTL Featured Tool: Saws

The Asheville Tool Library includes an impressive collection of saws for all your needs. We have compound miter saws, circular saws, jig saws, table saws, reciprocating saws, electric pole chainsaws, hand miter saws, bow saws, wet tile saws, and so many more saws. If you need a hand saw or power saw, chances are we […]