Select from the options below – all Memberships offer a full year of lending privileges at the Asheville Tool Library for one household.

Annual Household Membership

$50-$150 – Household (Annual Membership)

Our memberships are sliding scale. Give what you can afford. If you can give more, your membership helps us provide Scholarships to those who need our service most.

Apply for a Scholarship

We offer Free Scholarship Accounts to anybody that needs one.

We do not require proof of income or need.  Simply fill out the Application and a Board Member will get in touch to learn about your needs.

Gift a Membership

$50-$150 – Household (Annual Membership)

Purchase a membership as a gift! You can make a payment in their name and they will create an account!



Memberships last for one year from the start of your membership.

The first time you come in, please bring a valid government ID. This will be scanned into a secure system, Veriscan.

To easily remain in good standing, your account can be set up for auto-renewal.

We offer one secondary user on all accounts. They must also sign the waiver and put their ID on file.

All members must be at least 18 years of age.

Tool Lending Fees: There are generally no fees associated with tool loans, though we occasionally require a small fee on tools that have high maintenance costs. This fee will be clearly stated on the Tool Inventory and due at checkout.

Late Fees: All loans are for one week. After 7 days, you will incur a $1 dollar late fee, per tool, per day, including days we are not open.

Renewals: Our official policy is that we do not allow renewals. Our priority is to keep tools available for our other members. If there is not another reservation or the tool is not in high demand, we may be able to make an exception. For instance in mid-summer, if all the weed eaters are checked out, we will not allow a renewal, but if you have a drill and we have 10 more in inventory, we will likely make an exception! You must call to speak with someone to approve the renewal.

In response to COVID-19, we are currently requiring reservations through our online system. Check out our Reservation page to learn how.

Our one-week loan period still applies. Reserving a tool for multiple weeks, or reserving a tool for the week after you have borrowed a tool, does not provide a longer loan period. If you do not return a tool after the one week loan period, late fees may apply.

We include the base tool, but any “consumables” are not guaranteed. We try to keep saw blades sharp, but we have limited volunteers and cannot always stay on top of all blades. Also, our members often return sandpaper, nails, screws, and staples left over from their projects! We keep these around so feel free to ask the volunteer when you pick up your tools if you can look through what we have.
However, We do provide gas for tools. We use non-ethanol gas, so we prefer to supply it ourselves. We accept donations to compensate for the gas provided.


If something happens while you are using the tool, contact us as soon as possible! If it is something simple from general use, like a dull blade, just let the volunteer on staff know, and we will put the tool into maintenance. If the issue with the tool was through misuse of the tool, a Board Member will get in touch and discuss the options. If it was truly complete misuse by the member, we may ask you to replace the tool. As stated in the Membership Agreement, we reserve the right to take appropriate action if we feel necessary.