Request or Fund New Tools

New tools are constantly being added to our inventory. Some we buy new, others are donated by wonderful people in the community!

We have a budget for new tools and would like to get member feedback on what tools are most wanted. Please take a moment to share your suggestion on what tools we should prioritize. Thank you!

Crowdfunding New Tools

The following tools have been requested by some of our members, but we currently do not have the budget to purchase them. If you would like to request a new tool and are able to help fund the purchase, please use the above Survey Link and we can add the tool to the Crowdfunding list below!

Currently, the following tools have GoFundMe Crowdfunding Campaigns underway.

Are you interesting in helping fund these new tools? Please click on the following links!
  1. Gas Powered Earth Auger
  2. Random Orbital Floor Sander