Tool Inventory


Reserving Tools in Advance

If you are already a member, simply click the link above and login to your account, search and select the item you’d like to reserve. Select the reserve button under the photo of the tool, then select the dates you’d like to reserve the tool for.

After selecting the dates the reservation is added to your cart located at the top of the page. Repeat these steps if you would like to reserve other tools. Next, go to the cart and check out. If the checkout process is not complete, the reservation will not be saved.

Notes on Reserving Tools:

  • Our one-week loan period still applies. Reserving a tool for multiple weeks, or reserving a tool for the week after you have borrowed a tool, does not provide a longer loan period. If you do not return a tool after the one week loan period, late fees may apply.
  • We cannot guarantee the person who borrowed the tool before you will return it on time.
  • You must activate your account before reserving tools by signing the membership and liability form and paying the membership fee.
  • If you do not check out the reserved tool on the start date you selected, we will make the tool available to other members.