Most frequent questions and answers

The Asheville Tool Library is a member-based 501c3 non-profit. We are made possible by a team of volunteers. Members have access to thousands of tools and can check tools out for a week at a time. Each membership is $50-$150 a year with free scholarships available to anyone that needs one.  

No! We ask that members requesting scholarship accounts fill out a simple form and chat with one of our Board Members about their needs, but we do not require proof of income or need. The support of our community makes these scholarships possible.

All loans are for one week. After 7 days, you will incur a $1-3 dollar late fee, per tool, per day, including days we are not open. Some tools that have a high value or frequent use will have a higher late fee of $3/day.

No – can you believe it?!?!

All loans are included in your membership. A small selection of tools may require a fee, because of a high maintenance cost. 

We include the base tool, but any “consumables” are not guaranteed. We try to keep saw blades sharp, but we have limited volunteers and cannot always stay on top of all blades. We take donations to help cover the cost of new blades and other items. Our members often return sandpaper, nails, screws, and staples left over from their projects! We keep these around so feel free to ask the volunteer when you pick up your tools if you can look through what we have.

We provide gas, oil, and mixes for tools. We use non-ethanol gas, so we prefer to supply it ourselves to ensure clean and correct fuel is being used. We accept donations to compensate for the gas provided. We also try to provide oil for air tools.

Renewals must be approved by a Librarian on duty. Priority is given to keeping tools in rotation for our other members. If there is not another reservation or the tool is not in high demand, we may be able to make an exception. For instance, in mid-summer, if all the weed eaters are checked out and you are trying to renew yours, we will not allow a renewal in order to make it available to other members. If you have a drill and we have 10 more in inventory, we will likely allow it!

If a Librarian does not renew your tool in MyTurn and you do not return it on your original due date, you may be subject to late fees. 

If something happens while you are using the tool, contact us as soon as possible! Our tools get heavy use, so just let the Librarian on duty know, and we will put the tool in maintenance. The more we know the better so our maintenance team can assess the problem. If we find that the damage was through negligence or misuse, a Board Member may get in touch and discuss the options including asking you to replace the tool or pay for a repair. It’s the member’s responsibility to take reasonable caution to prevent the theft of our tools from their property. If a tool gets lost by the member, this may fall under neglect and you may be asked to replace the tool. As stated in the Membership Agreement, we reserve the right to take appropriate action as necessary.